Our Services

Program & Project Management

Synergiz has comprehensive expertise in Project and Programme Management which establishes a procedure that creates clear lines of communication between client management personnel, their project team, and key technical staff as well as define project reporting and administrative procedures. Synergiz team will coordinate with the client to prepare all the management plans for the required processes and sub-processes including the below elements:

  • Project Governance Framework
  • Project Management Processes
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Project and task-specific procedures
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Project Quality Management Plan
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Interface Management
  • Document & Design Management
  • Procurement & Contracts Management
  • Project Control Systems

Construction Management

At least 60% of any Infrastructure project is Construction. We support & supervise the entire process of construction and assess & recommend the best practices in the Industry. Our construction services range from Site Supervision, Quality Assurance, Quantity Surveying, Billing and Raising RFIs.

Strategic Advisory & Management Consulting

Today's changing environment poses serious challenges to businesses that undertake project ownership and development. Our strategic advisory and consulting services are aimed at helping business and operational problems throughout the entire business cycle and set the foundation for successful project delivery. We integrate our strategic and technical expertise in providing services such as

  • Market Analysis
  • Pre-Bid Services
  • Risk Management
  • Transaction Advisory and Support Services

Business Transformation & Management

The rapid and continuous evolution of technology and methodologies requires infrastructure firms to be agile and adapt to the changes. Our business transformation services include studying the as-is process and recommending the to-be process that provides meaningful value as per the best practices in the industry, while eliminating process step errors, needless tasks and bottlenecks. We identify the root cause of process inefficiencies and develop practical, cost-effective approaches to streamline processes and procedures, standardize, integrate, and improve existing processes, design and implement new processes and procedures, define metrics and performance management strategies that support optimum utilization of resources and assets and improve efficiency and collaboration. We believe that people (employees/stakeholders) are the key drivers behind a business transformation.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The infrastructure sector generates a huge amount of data, however turning this data into insights that invoke action is a challenge. We have created dashboards for progress, schedule, cost, finance, risk, procurement, contracts, design management etc. for both the civil and systems aspects of infrastructure that give managers and senior executives the tools they need to expedite decision making.

Our dashboards are based on a proprietary weighting based methodology derived from our deep expertise in the field. These dashboard templates can be readily deployed on airports, metros, smart cities and other infrastructure projects and we anticipate that our clients would save about 20% of effort by using these tools.

We are developing models that use predictive analytics and statistical methods to ensure our clients have a scientific method to drive infrastructure projects.