SynTrack is a holistic project management and progress tracking software developed by Synergiz Global for large scale infrastructure projects. SynTrack embodies Synergiz Global's diverse experience with infra projects in the form of intelligent data reading and processing capabilities to flag delays and calculates future implications based on real-time progress inputs.
Smart Reporting

Automatically generate progress reports on a regular basis to reduce reporting effort.

Data Processing

With our predictive analytics, we present to you enhanced metrics for your project.

Data Storage

Maintain an All-in-one database of your project data on SynTrack with cloud access.

Data Input

Easily update you project activities through our sophisticated input forms.











Alerts Generation

Notify the responsible person of their daily activities and delays, if any.

Real – Time Progress

Management has access to real – time progress of the project at their fingertips.

Input Sheet

Updating activity progress is now easier with our mobile application.

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Smart Reporting

SynTrack comes equipped with a suite of powerful InfoVizes tailored to provide the most insightful view of project data. InfoVizes are customized to suit the reporting needs across different disciplines (schedule, cost, finance etc.) with a focus on reporting variances, recognizing causalities, monitoring interfacing elements and forecasting project progress. The viewer is offered complete autonomy to place filters and drill down on the visualizations to view the health of the project at each level.

Data Processing & Storage

Synergiz Global found a solution by developing a tool that can integrate information from different sources, do it at much a lesser cost and do a lot of work i.e., Planning and Scheduling, updating, Quality control, Cost control, document control, etc. We have developed a smart program management tool which can be used for construction projects in the transportation sector (Airports, Rail, Metro and High-Speed Rail). The tool is the progress monitoring tool which helps the people on and off the site view, monitor and review the progress of the project. All the data for SynTrack can be hosted on AWS Cloud, which also provides database services. This creates a dedicated environment through which data can be accessed. The whole data can be backed up at frequent intervals.

Data Input Portal / App

Contractual obligations of reporting and conformance are all part of SynTrack's initial set up and are fulfilled via its data collection system. Contractors and Consultants can update the system with their progress, baselines, and other communications through an access-controlled data collection system available as a web portal and a mobile app. The system also provides the Contractors with a detailed program analysis report that delineates the timeline, interfaces, and obligations they must adhere to.